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Contemporary living in a historical house

Lorenzo Lopez

a hotelier

"My vision was to create a place in Barcelona with personality, history, style, and comfort where people could feel at home".

My father entered the business in 1997 with a single first floor. We used to live in the same building with our family. My father was a great entrepreneur and he saw the potential of turning this place into a popular tourist destination. He was one of the first ones to recognise the potential of Barcelona as a global tourist hotspot and he saw the opportunity to transform the old place into what it is today.

Even though it was a huge undertaking, he was determined to make it happen and put in a lot of hard work and dedication to make this dream a reality.

Over time, my father asked me to assist him and, eventually, to take over the business.

After he passed in 2001, I was determined to carry on his legacy, and with the assistance of my family, I was able to keep the business running.

At the time, my background was entirely unrelated to business. I had been studying Labor Relations and working in an agency for some time, but I decided to take my education further by obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Revenue and Commercial Marketing, as well as taking a variety of courses to broaden my knowledge.

My commitment to my studies paid off, and I believe that my education has equipped me with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the business world.

Get to know Barcelona from
a local perspective

My vision was to create a space that embodied Barcelona's distinct personality, history, style, and comfort. I wanted our guests to feel like citizens of the city, to feel at home. We attract a particular type of traveler: those who value the city's history, art, and culture.

I want them to have the opportunity to truly live, breathe, and experience Barcelona, not just as a tourist, but to become part of the city and its people. To achieve this, we provide a wide range of activities that will help our guests to get to know and appreciate the city and its culture, such as guided tours of the local area, visits to iconic landmarks, and workshops and classes on traditional crafts. We also make sure that our guests have access to the city's hidden gems and can discover its unique atmosphere and feeling. In short, our goal is to give our guests the opportunity to truly become a part of Barcelona.

Preserving the charm of old Barcelona

Hostal Girona, located on the second and third floors of a historic building designed by the renowned Catalan architect Enric Sagnier, is a place rich in personality, history, elegance and comfort. From the moment you enter the hostal, you have a unique opportunity to experience Barcelona up close. The rooms at Hostal Girona are carefully designed to create a space that perfectly blends modern comforts with traditional Catalan style. High ceilings, large windows and bright rooms with decorative ceilings and mosaic floors make your stay even more pleasant.

famouse Nolla tiles

Feel like you are living in a work of art

There is no carpet in our hostal; only the finest Catalan mosaic floors. Mosaico Nolla is the name given to these geometric mosaics in honor of Catalan businessman Miguel Nolla, who began producing them in Valencia in 1860. The Nolla mosaic represented distinction and prestige. When we do restoration work in our house, we try to preserve the historical mosaic as much as possible so that our guests can always enjoy it.

Whether you're looking for a place to unwind and relax or a place to explore the city, Hostal Girona is the place to be. With its unique blend of modern and traditional, this hostal is sure to provide a memorable stay for all who visit.

So why stay anywhere else when you can experience Barcelona like never before? Choose accommodation that will make your holiday special—choose Hostal Girona.


Idéalement situé, dans un environnement calme près du cœur de Barcelone. Hôtel de charme, avec un personnel serviable et aimable, un petit déjeuner super et une chambre juste comme nous en avions besoin

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